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Driver Medicals

February 27, 2011

The first step to getting a LGV licence is getting a medical sorted. The required forms can be downloaded from the DVLA – – and its the D4 form that is needed.

The medical itself has to be conducted by a doctor – makes sense of course. It seems straightforward but a quick enquiry of our local surgery and we found out that they wanted to charge over £100 for a medical for each of us. That seems like daylight robbery.

LGV training schools all want to sign you up and get you to do medicals through them – this just seems like a way to lock you in and get a margin on the medical to me.

Fortunately a little internet research and I came up with a company that specialises in doing medicals for those wanting LGV or PSV licences – . These guys only charge £52. Bargain – well relatively.

I booked one of these and the closest place was Tooting with a 10 day wait. When I went along the medical was done in a back room over the top of an opticians. It really only consisted of answering a few questions, a very quick eye test and having my blood pressure taking. Then the doctor signs off the form and you are done.

This enables you to take the next step and send off your old licence (photocard and paper) and the medical form (D4) to the DVLA and then the wait starts …….


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