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Reflections on the Beast

June 27, 2011

Well we’ve now driven 1000 miles and spent a few nights on board. There are a few things to note:

1)      The Beast leaks: one of the windows in the camper has a leak and the gun hatch in the cab leaks. I’ve bought some sealant and I will go crazy with it when things dry out a bit.

2)      Top speed is 54 miles an hour but the Beast is much happier at a bit less.

3)      Hills are not our friends. On a steep hill you have to drop right down into 3rd and about 20 mph on the motorway some hills require 4th and a speed of around 30mph. Can be a bit of a problem.

4)      I can’t get the electric hookup to work. I’m going to have to visit an RV dealer for some advice. We’re just waiting to get out of French speaking Quebec to do this !

5)      Living in a camper means you have to be Oh so ordered. Something that is not my forte – but I’m working on it.

6)      We are getting about 12-13 miles per Gallon. A bit less than I expected but I think this is because we are steaming along at top speed along the motorway. We’ll see how this pans out. Diesel here is expensive at CAN1.29 or so per litre. That works out at around 82p a litre, so cheap by UK standards but the Americans all think it is getting prohibitive to go to Canada at that price.

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