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Pukaskwa National Park

July 4, 2011

After leaving Pancake bay we have motored around 200 miles North and West to a small National Park called Pukaskwa. This is also on the shore of Lake Superior – a lake so big that it holds 1 tenth of all the land freshwater in the world.

On arriving at the park we set out to explore and hiked two of the trails here: The Beach Trail and The Southern Headland Trail. Both of which have given us lovely views of the lake. The beaches here are covered in driftwood.  – I mean absolutely covered – making walking along them quite difficult at times. The weather has been glorious as well which made our hikes very enjoyable. No mosquitos to worry about either.  This has been Sarah’s favourite place we’ve been so far.

An amusing story for those who know me happened when we went to the visitor centre. I went to go through the patio doors to go outside but didn’t notice the mosquito screen over the door which I walked straight through – it fell off with a great crash – as I kept going and walked right over the top of it. Just a little bit embarrassing for me although the nice park ranger woman was very nice about me trashing her place. Anyway I was fine  – we didn’t manage to fix the door !

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