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The Lower 48

October 4, 2011

From Vancouver we headed South and hit the US border before too long. The border crossing took less than five minutes and we didn’t even have to get out of the Beast.  The Border guard did take it upon himself to caution us about going to Mexico though !

One of the first things we did was fill up with Diesel and were pleased to note that this was the cheapest fill up yet – we were finally under $5 per Imperial Gallon.

We had a plan to visit Seattle but the weather was bad and we could barely see the city as we drove through the middle. This coupled with the difficulty in finding a parking place meant that we abandoned this idea and decided to head over to Olympic National Park. To get there we got on a ferry from Edmonds (just North of Seattle) across to Kingston and then we were a short drive from Port Angeles.

In Port Angeles we headed up into the Park to a campground called Heart of the Hills where we spent the next couple of nights.

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