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Mexican Insurance

November 30, 2011

Before heading down into Mexican you have to purchase Mexican Auto Insurance. This is a requirement for obtaining a Temporary Import Permit for your vehicle. The permit is not necessary for travel into Baja itself but is necessary for any further travel onto the Mexican mainland. After some research I soon discovered that you could either get insurance for a couple of weeks or if you wanted any longer then you needed to go for six months or a year to be cost effective. We decided to get six months of insurance even though we’re only planning a couple of months in Mexico. There is then a choice between Liability only or Full Insurance. The price differential meant that we decided to get Liability only (USD 600-700 for Full or around USD 150 for Liability only). We’ll just need to be real careful in our driving and cross our fingers. Knowing the way that insurance companies try and wriggle out of any payments I’d be fairly sceptical about ever getting a payout anyway ! It took a little while to find a company that would insure a UK registered vehicle that wasn’ t on their list of makes and models but after a tip off we found Lewis & Lewis. You can buy their insurance over the internet and they email the policy. The total cost was USD 153.63.

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