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Around Tequila

December 26, 2011

There is no actual campground in Tequila so we hopped back in the Beast and headed to a town called Irzatlan where there is a small campground called Delia’s.

On the way we passed through a lovely little town called Magdalena. We parked up in the central square and went for a wander round. We enjoyed the big central nativity scene in the square and tried some Mexican ice creams.

Delia’s campground is great – with power and water, a really nice hot shower and to cap it all it’s good value. Bonnie who runs it is very generous and helpful (her mother is the Delia in the title). When we stayed she had only had a handful of other campers stay this season as it’s slightly off the beaten track but it certainly gets our whole hearted recommendation.


Not far down the road from Irzatlan is a small town called Teuchitlan where there are some ruins of a city left by a civilization that existed around 0 – 300 AD. What is interesting about these particular ruins is that they are circular when most of the ancient ruins in Mexico are square shaped. The ruined city is called Guachimontones. There is quite a lot of tourist development going on here with the building of a big new visitor centre/museum which hasn’t opened yet.



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