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Destruction in San Juan del Sur

March 23, 2012

San Juan de Sur is reputedly the nicest beach town on the Pacific side of Nicaragua. We decided to check it out and when we arrived found somewhere to park to explore a bit.

The seafront was half cordoned off by the police as there was a rather strange event going on. It was called Sexy on the Playa and seemed to involve pumping euro pop and women dressed like ladyboys dancing in front of a tv camera as well as some blokes in tiny speedos doing the same.

Anyway after having a nice lunch in a bar on the beach here we decided to spend the night here. We thought that the malecon (seafront) would make a good place to park. However due to it being half cordoned off we had to find our way around. This involved driving down some small back roads.

Half way down one road we heard an almighty crash and realised that we had snagged an overhead cable. I jumped out to look and found at least three cables draped across the top of the Beast  coupled with one wrapped around our back axle. I cleared the cables away fully expecting someone to start shouting at us any minute  If someone had said anything I would have happily paid for the damage. No one said a word to us although the street was lined with people standing watching. We thought we better get the hell out of Dodge and quickly drove out of town. That was the end of our visit to the Nicaraguan Beach !

As we drove away from the town we were expecting a police car to stop us at any moment but we seem to have got away with it. My theory is that they were probably illegal cables and no one wanted to make a fuss !

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