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Colombia’s Caribbean Beaches

April 28, 2012

Before starting our trek South towards Ecuador we decided to spend a few days on the beach. Our first days drive ended at Playa Velero which was a deserted Caribbean beach where we could park for free only a few feet from the water. However the beach was a bit uninspiring and we didn’t have much in the way of food so we decided to move further East to the Tayrona National Park area.

We have discovered that shopping centres and supermarkets in Colombia tend to have underground or multi-storey car parks. No good for us because of our height and it can often be difficult to park anywhere nearby. We did manage to find a shopping centre in Santa Marta with a large Carrefour which had a private Parquedero across the road. This was fortunate as we had turned the fridge off for our crossing to Colombia and didn’t really have any food at all.

After managing to stock up with food we drove to the beaches to the East of Santa Marta and settled into a place called Casa Grande – right next to Tayrona NP but without the expensive entrance fees. This was a lovely Caribbean Beach – albeit with crashing surf making swimming difficult. The place was practically empty while we were there and we spent a few days relaxing.

We didn’t hang around in the North too much though because we were craving the cool nights of the mountains.

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