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Camping Sites in Peru

October 4, 2012

3 Grillos Puntas Hospedaje, Zorritos (S3 41.784 W80 42.322 ,1m)

Eco Hostal on the beach. Parking at Palapas just back from the beach (only 2 available and they were taken by 2 other campers when we arrived). S20 per night. extra 5 for electricity and 5 for wifi. Lots of hammocks on beach.

Hua Lodge, Punta Sol (S3 58.881 W80 58.689 ,64m)

This is a beachside hostel with space at back for large vehicle and it takes overland trucks (Dragoman). However they told us we couldn’t camp. Others may have better luck.

Primax, Sullana (S4 55.469 W80 41.855 ,106m)

Petrol station camping. Relatively quiet overnight. Free. 24hr security. Decent toilets

PetroPeru, Bagua Grande (S5 44.065 W78 27.984 ,442m)

Petrol station with toilets. Quite hot, humid and lots of mosquitoes in this area.

Main Plaza, San Pablo (S6 02.535 W77 55.166, 1917m)

Free. Very Very quiet overnight in very friendly village.Public Toilets in one corner of square. From here it is a three hour hike to Gocta falls. Small municipal charge for hike to falls

Villa de Paris, Chachapoyas (S6 14.422 W77 52.240 ,2271m)

Nice hotel on outskirts of town which allowed us to camp in the car park. S35 per night. Water available. Power if you ask. Restaurant on site. WIFI -“villadeparis1”. Pool -but empty when were there.  Short narrow dirt road to get there but plenty of room to turn around at end. Toilets but no showers. We found the centre of town difficult to drive through and there is nowhere to park a larger vehicle.

Kuelap Parking (S6 25.577 W77 55.601 ,2924m)

The parking area at Kuelap was being rebuilt while were there so we had to park on uneven dug up ground. There were no toilets. Once visitor centre and parking lot is finished this will be an excellent place to stay.

Tucume Parking area (S6 30.770 W79 50.868, 50 m)

Overnight here possible. Free. No Facilities.

Ecolodge Manita Helmita, Lambayeque (S6 42.119 W79 53.740 ,38m)

Ecolodge at the back end of town. Difficult to find but sand road leads to the site. The owner is a lovely older gentleman who said it was free for us to stay but when pushed said he would accept a tip (we paid 15 Soles). We were given key to toilet and shower. Free WIFI available from restaurant area. Swimming Pool. Very quiet overnight.

 Leimebamba Museum (S6 43.271 W77 47.539 ,2933m)

This would be perfect to spend the night with toilets and wifi, however when we asked we were turned down. Others may have more luck. The museum is very good and is on the road to Celendin.

Negro River (S6 43.809 W77 49.870 ,2407m)

Possible to wild camp by river (must take left fork in road to get there – not the main road), but we did not stay here.

Hostel Garuda, Pimentel (S6 50.114 W79 56.269 ,3m)

Basic Hostal with small secure car park in rear. Power and water available – did not use. S.15 per night. Big iron gates lock off car park. Toilets and hot showers available inside the hostel (you don’t have to use the yukky ones in the car park!).  Wouldn’t bother with Pimentel – not much to see.

Pull-out by Cabin on road to Balsa (S6 50.865 W77 57.792 ,1857m)

In this area there aren’t many places to stay as many of the pull-outs are subject to rockfall. There is a small cabin by the side of the road with room to camp. When we arrived there was no one around but in the morning we met the very friendly farmer and owner of the cabin who gave us some fresh avocados. No Facilities. It would be possible to camp in Balsa but very hot !

Hacienda San Antonio, Banos del Inca, Cajamarca (S7 08.943 W78 28.108 ,2696m)

Camping for S25 per person at posh Hacienda,  2km off the highway. Turn at S7 09.891 W78 28.492 off Banos del Inca to Cajamarca road. Toilets and showers available. WIFI available but slow. Very quiet overnight. Water available ! Power would be too if you asked.

Banos Del Inca – Municipal Parking off Plaza (S7 09.798 W78 27.908 ,2668m)

Parking in small car park outside baths. Quiet overnight on Friday night. Saturday night quite noisy from band playing till 1.30am. Free but we gave the car park attendant 5 Sols for keeping an eye on the truck.

Huanchaco Gardens RV Park (S08 04.407 W79 07.087 ,12m)

Lovely RV park in beach town.  Parking on grassy area around the back by the swimming pool.  A little expensive at 40 Sols per night but good WIFI, access to hot shower in unused hotel room and toilets and sink in the campsite. Water, electricity and laundry service available. Rooms only 50 Sols per night.

Rio Santa Campsite, Canon del Pato (S8 39.602 W78 05.297 ,756 m)

Large area by side of river, safe from rockfall. No Facilities. Very quiet night.

Laguna Paron, Caraz (S9 00.019 W77 41.091,         4188m)

Beautiful mountain lake. Camping by start of hiking trail. Also possible to park on lake shore down rough track by these co-ordinates.  Wind is funnelled down here though so we decided to stay up top. No Facilities. Free.

By a river on road to Laguna Paron, Caraz (S9 01.954 W77 46.118 ,2754m)

Lovely riverside camping spot by small bridge. Free. No Facilities. We had lunch here but didn’t stay overnight.

Los Pinos Lodge, Caraz  (S9 02.913 W77 48.842 ,2282m)

Expensive at S50 per night but very nice. Room in yard for 2 campers max. WIFI, electricity, water, hot showers and toilets. Hotel has really nice garden with sun loungers, nice lounge and very friendly dog.

Camping in Official Campsite by Lakes, Llanganuco Lake (S9 03.168 W77 37.085)

Very large camping area by one of the lakes. Costs S5 to enter for the day but if you want to stay over night it costs a staggering S65! We returned to Restaurant Campestre for the night.

Restaurant Campestre, Llanganuco (S9 06.348 W77 41.283 ,3378m)

Restaurant about 1km from entrance to Huascaran park. Allowed us to park overnight for Free – we did eat here. Restaurant closes by 6.30pm and after this very quiet. Toilets available.  Free.

The Way Inn, Huaraz (S9 30.285 W77 27.963 ,3706m)

Beautiful lodge above tree line on plateau with access to great bouldering and hiking. Access is approx. 22kms up a narrow dirt road just big enough for us.  S15 per night per person for camping. Toilet block and hot showers available. 3 course evening meal for S35 each. Is shut for guests when retreats are going on – check website for dates.

Real Huascaran Hotel, Huaraz (S9 30.798 W77 31.863 ,3019m)

Hotel with large outside car park – height restriction on entry – just over 3.5m, we just squeezed under. Camping S30 per night. Access to toilets in lobby, decent wifi and hot showers available in unused hotel room.

Miramar Hotel and Restaurant, Huarmey (S10 02.884 W78 09.495 ,48m)

Free. Hotel and Restuarant with nice courtyard for parking. Toilets and Showers available. We ate in the restaurant which was cheap and good. We asked if we could stay the night in car park and they said it was fine.

Reserva Natural de Lachay, 100kms north of Lima (S11 21.716 W77 22.251 ,439m)

National Park camping. S10 per person. 3 camping areas all with pit toilets. No other facilities. Often foggy and wet here but beautiful on a clear day. The Turning for Lanchay from the highway is at S11 24.403 W77 23.222

Hitchhiker’s Hostel, Lima (S12 07.345 W77 02.163)

Large hostel in Miraflores district of Lima. Power and water are available. Toilets, hot showers and a kitchen. There is only space for around 2 large campers 1 large and 2 small. Can be noisy at night as there are tables right next to parking area where people drink and smoke until late. Cost S30 per night.

Petro Peru Lurin, Lima (S12 15.228 W76 55.646 ,26m)

Large petrol station with shop, restaurant and toilets. Free. Relatively noisy but safe with 24hr security.

Cochera in central Ollantaytambo (S13 15.567 W72 15.665 ,2841m)

Very very quiet overnight. Decent Toilet on site. S.8 per night. Parking on grass. 24hr security.

Possible Camping above Urubamba (S13 19.050 W72 06.371 ,3085m)

We didn’t camp but large area above Urubamba would be good for staying overnight.

Car Park at Moray Inca Site (S13 19.482 W72 11.392, 3164m)

It’s possible to stay here overnight although we didn’t.

Plaza Vea shopping centre, Chincha (S13 24.976 W76 08.492 ,104m)

Manager let us stay after our window was smashed just outside their shopping centre, not recommended to stop here. Toilets in supermarket. Free

Quinta Lala, Cusco (S13 30.344 W71 59.114, 3625m)

Cost S10 per person + s10 for vehicle. Extra S5 for Wifi and S3 for power. Laundry S12 per load. Toilet and tepid shower on site. Water available but not great for drinking. Busy campsite likely to meet other travellers here but plenty of room. Parking in big grassy campsite, not quite level but there are boards around to help. Best way to get here is to drive to Plaza de Armas then take Plateros and follow Sapphi up to the campsite.  Don’t trust GPS to route because it will try to take you down unsuitable roads (even for Landcruiser size vehicle).

Hotel Mochica, Ica (S14 03.692 W75 44.407 ,603m)

Hotel in Ica with secure parking lot. Made us pay for a room which was ok but we didn’t use because it was too cold. Had hot showers and toilet + tv in room. S50 per night.

Edge Of Road Spot on way to Cusco (S14 28.567 W73 14.447 ,3458m)

About 40m off the road behind some bushes. No Facilities. Free.

Maison Suisse, Nasca (S14 51.067 W74 57.496 ,582m)

Good sized secure car park around back with water and electricity. Restaurant on-site but we didn’t try. Room available with toilet and shower. 10 minute walk from airport. S40 per night.

Mirador Cruz Del Condor, Colca Canyon (S15 36.758 W71 54.273 ,3790m)

Large parking area next to Miradors. Toilets open 8am to 4pm. Free but S70 per person to enter the valley.

Truck Park by restaurant, Santa Lucia (S15 41.426 W70 36.156, 4056m)

Truck Park. S5 for guarded overnight parking. Yukky toilets available.

Sillustani Ruins, near Puno (S15 43.434 W70 09.082 ,3849m)

Car Park of Sillustani, behind barriers. To sleep you must buy a ticket for the next day. S10 per person.  No facilities. Toilets available uphill near site for S1.

Hotel Las Mercedes, Arequipa (S16 24.024 W71 32.532 ,2313m)

Lovely Hotel with long thin grassed area for parking. Outside tap for water, electricity sockets outside. Dedicated overland bath rooms and showers. Can only stay when there are no overlanders so email ahead to check. Gorgeous lounge inside with quick internet.  3 minute walk to Plaza Vea supermarket and 10 minutes to town. Cost S22 per person per night. Staff are very friendly. Wait in small layby outside on busy road and get someone to open the gate. No need to turnaround inside as you can drive straight through to gate at the other end.

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