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Camping In Bolivia

November 14, 2012

Bolivia Campsites

Copacabana Beach (S16 10.409 W69 05.651, 3819m)

On Lake Titicaca Beach further along from the trout restaurants. There is a good space just before the Hostel which appears to have no name. This was very quiet overnight with no traffic. Come to an arrangement with the owner of the hostel (who sells some pretty inventive jewellery made out of old cutlery) for toilets. There are also public toilets at the other end of the beach. FREE.

Ridgeline Camp on the Road to Sorata (S15 46.716 W68 40.187, 3033m)

On the road on the way to Sorata. This spot has a great view of two valleys. No facilities. FREE.

Altai Oasis, Sorata (S15 46.175 W68 39.295)

This is a lovely little campground. Access is however very difficult and absolutely not recommended in a larger vehicle. Even in smaller vehicles you must back down into the car park area as the turn into the drive is not possible. However this is a beautiful place to spend some time. We couldn’t stay because it was fully booked by competitors in a bicycle race – and we would have struggled to get in anyway !


Hotel Oberland, La Paz (S16 34.086 W68 05.343, 3314m)

This is one of the key overlander meeting spots as everyone seems to come here. The Hotel Oberland is a Swiss-owned hotel in the Mallasa district of La Paz. Mallasa is around a 20-30 minute collectivo ride from the centre (costs B2.20 per person). The Hotel can be reached by crossing the Valle de la Luna from El Alto thereby avoiding having to drop down into the rabbit warren of the main city. Spotless toilets and hot showers, a pool, Jacuzzi, good restaurant and cafe, laundry service and a very warm welcome from the staff make this a lovely place to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of La Paz.  There are also power sockets and an external tap.  B100 per night.

Thermal Baths, Sajama NP (S18 05.592 W68 58.737, 4293m)

No facilities. Sandy car park of the Thermal baths. Cold and quiet overnight. Spectacular views of surrounding mountains. Free. (Thermal Baths are S30 each and consist of natural pool in the altiplano).

Lake by Road to Potosi (S18 49.872 W66 43.852, 3774m)

Reservoir by the road just after the town of Challapata. Most of the access roads to the shore have been blocked but you can negotiate one. No facilities. Free.

Parking Lot in Potosi (S19 34.735 W65 45.342, 3936m)

We were too tall for Hotel Tarija (S19 35.069 W65 45.347) which is the usual overlander’s place to stay. This secure parking lot was very cheap and a 15 minute walk from the centre. No Facilities. B25 per night.

Hotel Austria, Sucre (S19 02.313 W65 14.776, 2867m)

Next to bus terminal. Secure parking lot behind hotel. Toilets and Showers available (hot if you use the ones inside the hotel). External water tap but no power. They wanted B120 to sleep in the truck or B100 to take a room. We took a room and slept in the truck anyway as it is a lot nicer than their rooms! WIFI in the hotel.  Collectivo into centre from here is 10 minutes. (3 or A).  They have 3 dogs on the grounds, be very wary of the little black one which took a chunk out of Sarah’s leg and tried to do the same to me!

Ojo del Inca, Nr.Potosi (S19 28.027 W65 47.684, 3412m)

This is an awesome place to stay. Short dirt track from the main road to reach the massive (100m across) circular hot pool. You can park right on the edge of the lake. Basic toilet block available. It was busy when we arrived but everyone left by dark. In the morning there was no one there and we had a beautiful solo soak. B70 per night.

Hostal Marith, Uyuni (S20 27.944 W66 49.598, 3722m)

Hostal in Uyuni with narrow parking yard. Room for 2 overland vehicles max. However they stack the vehicles in and if one needs to leave you may be asked to move to let them through. Power and water available. Hot showers and toilets. B60 per night.

Isla Incahausi, Salar De Uyuni (S20 14.450 W67 37.673, 3665m)

On the Salar next to the island. Toilets, water and a restaurant are available on the island. Picnic tables also. Very very quiet after sunset but during the day lots of Landcruisers.  Camping here is FREE. Entry to Island walk is B30 per person and you need to show the ticket to use the toilets.

Outside Tonito Hotel, Uyuni (S20 27.912 W66 49.493, 3645m)

In the street slightly up from Tonito hotel. Tonito hotel has Minuteman Pizza which serves very nice Pizza. This is in front of army base guard post so very secure. No Facilities. FREE.

Laguna Honda (S21 37.367, W68 03.669, 4128m)

No Facilities. FREE. On shore of Lake. Bitterly cold at night – but fairly sheltered from the wind.

Laguna Colorado (S22 12.775 W67 47.951, 4312m)

No Facilities. FREE. On slight ridge above lake, in parking area. Landcruisers during the day but deserted at night. Brilliant views.

Laguna Blanca (S22 46.745 W67 48.215, 4354m)

No Facilities. FREE. On Flat exposed ground next to lake. Bitterly cold and very windy during the night.

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