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Northwest Argentina Camping

January 3, 2013

Roadside Quarry, Salinas Grande (S23 26.243 W66 09.117, 3510m)

A turnoff from the main road goes through an area with large piles of scree about 200m from the road. There is a large flat area in front of one of the piles where it is possible to get out of the wind. Free. No Facilities.

Camping Municipal Xamena, Salta (S24 48.735 W65 25.150, 1166m)

Very large campsite with a massive swimming pool (only filled in the summer) – empty in November. Toilets and hot showers – being refurbished while we were here. Electricity  (most sockets don’t work) and water. Cost is ARS 25 per night for an RV and 6 per person per night (total AR$37 per night). Buses into town are 7D and 3B (Return on Ituzaingo – stop opposite VEA supermarket). Try not to stay on a Saturday night unless you like to party until the early hours or have a good set of ear plugs as there is a nearby nightclub which plays music until 6am! WIFI is available at the small coffee shop just outside the gates or at the COPEC petrol station on the main road about 400m away.

Camping Municipal, Cachi (S25 07.327 W66 10.002, 2352m)

Camping at Southern end of town. Three areas – lowest layer under trees between cabins, middle layer – car camping with power, water, grills etc, third layer on grass with trees – electricity by very long cable from bathroom block if in top level. Toilets and hot showers. Large indoor pool (not filled while we were there). Cost 30AR$ per night.

Luz y Fuerza, Cafayate (S26 04.840 W65 58.629, 1555m)

Cost per camper AR/20 + AR/10 per person. Hot showers + toilets. Water + Electricity. Most sites are unshaded but there are 2 or 3 shaded sides on dirt as you come into the campground on the left. 5 minute walk from town. WIFI near the reception block. There is also a big swimming pool around the back.

Outside Quilmes Ruins (S26 28.032 W66 01.964, 1788m)

No Facilities. Free. Dirt area just before entrance to Quilmes. We asked to camp at Quilmes and were told to go here. Quite windy but died down at night. There are toilets in the ruins.

Camping El Molino, Londres (S27 41.959 W67 09.996, 1308m)

Very pretty shaded campground. AR/5 per person at weekend. Free during week. Electricity, picnic tables, grills, water + Swimming pool. Toilets and showers very average – no hot water. Small shop at weekends. Irrigation channels run around campground which are excellent for drowning out noise of grilling families !

Talambaya National Park Visitor Centre (S29 47.086 W67 59.639, 1241m)

Visitor centre. Camping on sand. Parking in cark park. Grills. Sun Shelters. Hot Showers (timed availability) and toilets. Cafe in visitor centre. Cost AR$40

Parque Ischigualasto (S30 09.845 W67 50.563, 1363m)

Small campsite next to Visitor centre. No access for big truck. We camped in car park behind dirt mound for wind shelter. In the campsite there is power and shelters but they are not adequate wind protection. WIFI. Hot Showers and Toilets.  Cost AR$30

Parque Suizo, Mendoza (S32 51.270 W68 53.797, 926m)

Quiet camping area. Lots of shade from trees. Palapas with power and lights. Water is available. Toilets and hot showers. Very slow WIFI accessible throughout campsite.AR$100 per night.

Las Montanas, Porterillos (S32 58.317 W69 14.026, 1513m)

Camping on Grass. Lovely large plot down by the river. Hot Showers. Power. Water (with long hose). Grills and picnic tables.. Sheltered from wind. Very tranquil. Cost AR$50 per night.

Los Puquios Ski Resort (S32 49.483 W69 53.551, 2702m)

Free camping outside the ski season. We parked in the car park but tents and cars can go in the wind break behind the buildings. There is a toilet in the building with curved roof (hangar like). No other services. Free.

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