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Northern Chile Camping

January 9, 2013

Los Perales, San Pedro de Atacama (S22 54.794 W68 12.045, 2429m)

Cost: Ch$5000 per person per night. Hot showers (solar), Water (others have reported paying for water fill but we didn’t), electricitu  from kitchen. Small kitchen with gas cooker (no oven).less than 5 minutes to square where there is free WIFI (slow).

El Tatio Geysers (S22 21.012 W68 00.928, 4311m)

We camped at the control office on the hill overlooking the geysers. Free with purchase of tickets. Toilets available in park opening hours.

Valle de Luna Overlook (S22 54.936 W68 14.880, 2610m)

Exposed spot on cliff overlooking Valle de Luna. Very quiet after sunset. No Facilities. Free.


Large Copec with onsite McDonalds in separate building. There is a quiet parking area next to McDonalds with all night security. The site is in the middle of the divided highway so there is some traffic noise at night. WIFI available both from McDonalds and Copec. Toilets. FREE.

2nd Hand Car Sales Lot, Santiago Fuenzalida (S33 18.594 W70 42.221, 534m)

2nd hand car dealership. US10 per night to park here. You can’t stay in the truck. We had got these coordinates from a fellow traveller but the owner was very surprised when we asked to park here for a few days. We had agreed a price but when we returned it went up to US50 per night but we negotiated back down to 10. Very secure. Easy transport link to central Santiago (take collective taxi from peaje on main road).

Los Robles, Seite Tazas National Park (S33 28.260 W70 59.480, 1099m)

National park camping. Sign says Ch10k per site however we paid nothing. I believe payment is only required in Jan/Feb. There were sites with power points (not working) and grills (quite old). There was also a central bathroom with showers, toilets and limited water. The loop road was too small for us to make it all the way round but there was plenty of room at the start to turn round, so the first few sites were accessible.

Copec, Parral (S36 08.011 W71 48.521, 166m)

Copec camping. Free. Toilets and showers. WIFI.

El Rinconcito, Salto de Laja (S37 13.187 W72 22.992, 134m)

Expensive but full service campsite. Each site has a sink, grill, power, picnic table, water and lights. The power and lights did not work while we were there. Its across the road from the falls. It was empty while we were there. CH$15000 per night. There is a restaurant on site but its only open at weekends.  There is a shower and toilet block. Hot water is only available during limited hours.

Terpel, Victoria (S38 16.875 W72 22.021, 134m)

Free. Toilets and WIFI. In Terpel WIFI is only with purchase in the shop and you get 1 hour free.

Camping La Poza, Pucon (S39 16.861 W71 58.733, 221m)

Overlanders meet up spot (overland trucks also stay here). Wooded camping area with a river running through it. Grassy clearing as well as sites in shade. Electricity, portable grills, water, picnic tables. Hot showers (limited hours) and toilets. 5 minute walk from centre of town. Cost CH$3500 per person per night.

Conaripe Lakeside (S39 33.785 W72 00.654, 215m)

Free. Camping on level spot on shore of lake behind monument for those killed in volcano eruption. No Facilites. Very quiet overnight.

Lakeside, Entre Lagos (S40 40.833 W72 35.901, 211m)

Level area by boat launch on lake. Free. Quiet overnight but some activity during the day. Free. No Facilities.

Camping Molino, Puerto Octay (S40 58.633 W72 53.000, 54m)

Beautiful campsite on peninsula. We stayed on concrete pad at end of campground right on lake. Electricity, water, hot showers and toilets. 5 minute walk to plaza. CH$8000 per night (negotiated down from 10,000).

Camping Montana, Ensenada (S41 12.420 W72 32.406, 64m)

Beautiful camping spot. There are two sites right on the lake past a sign that says 4×4 only. Getting there was tight in a truck our size but doable. Electricity, shelter, showers (they told us they were hot but we couldn’t get hot water), toilets. Fogon (common building with fire), WIFI. Cost CH$10,000.

Copec, Puerto Varas (S41 21.048, W72 38.879, 7m)

Free. Copec camping. WIFI. Showers (hot water). Toilets. Shop and restaurant.

Playa Gaviotas, Ancud (S41 51.889 W73 45.707, 7m)

Nice campground although a little run down. Individual sites with hedges for wind protection. Each site has a covered picnic table and covered tent area (with sand floor). Electricity in each of the sites. There are rundown sinks with water at each end of the camping area. A path is a 5 minute walk to the beach. There is a large Fogon with tables, table football, covered grilling area and large fireplace. It rains a lot in Ancud !

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