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Southern Argentina Camping Sites

April 7, 2013

Western Patagonia

Bajo Caracoles (S47 26.675 W70 55.578, 611m)

Very small settlement in middle of nowhere with petrol station and police station with not much else. It was very windy and we managed to find shelter behind a small screen of trees but there isn’t much shelter around. Toilets in Petrol station. Free.

Camping El Relincho, El Chalten (S49 19.561 W72 53.406, 409m)

Very busy campsite which must have had over 100 people staying. Hot Showers and toilets. Cooking/recreation building with gas stoves. Water available. Power.  AR$100 per night.

Parque Nacional Glacier Ranger Station, El Chalten (S49 20.210 W72 52.815, 360m)

Pit toilet across the road and toilets in ranger station during opening hours.  There were a number of campers parked here overnight.  Free.

Camping Nirigao, El Calafate (S50 20.026 W72 15.527, 213m)

Nice campsite. WIFI. Indoor recreation room. Grills. Electricity. Water. Hot Showers and toilets.  10 minute walk from town. (In heavy rains we have heard that it can flood). AR$100 per night.

Roadside Pullout, Lago Argentina (S50 19.279 W72 34.838, 199m)

Pullout by the side of Lago Argentina. Very quiet overnight. No Facilities. Free.

Religious Shrine, RN3 Guer Aike (S51 37.727 W69 37.215, 31m)

There are grills and picnic tables sheltered by brick walls from the wind. We cooked here however the walls weren’t high enough to shelter the truck so we parked in the shelter of a large white building overnight which held a couple of shrines. The wind still managed to rock us though! Free.

Tierra Del Fuego

Camping Hain, Tolhuin (S54 31.546 W67 13.964, 33m)

Nice campground right on the lake with loads of old junk made into art. Windbreaks available for tent campers. Nice beach. Power and water.  Shower and toilets need a little TLC. Very friendly owner, Roberto. AR$40 per person.

Camping Andino, Ushuaia (S54 48.757 W68 21.016, 107m)

Hot Showers and toilets, Some sites have grills. WIFI. Bar and central rec building. Electricity at sites. AR$90 per night.

Rio Pipo Campsite, Tierra del Fuego National Park (S54 49.199 W68 28.183, 96m)

Nice campground.  We camped right next to the river with great views. Portacabin toilets.  Make sure to cook using the grills provided, the Ranger made is move our BBQ half way through cooking! Free.

East Coast Argentina

YPF, Rio Gallegos (S51 37.361 W69 15.667, 17m)

WIFI. Toilets. Large sheltered parking area around the back. Free.

Municipal Camping, Puerto San Julian (S49 18.354 W67 43.233, 2m)

Nice campsite next to the sea with high hedges for wind breaks.  Grills, electricity.  Hot showers (heated shower room!) and toilets.  Expensive at AR$150 for 2 people plus motorhome.

Rada Tilly, Commodoro Rivadavia (S45 55.055 W67 33.086, 3m)

Hot showers and toilets (8am-8.30pm). WIFI. Grills. Shelter from wind. Cost AR$96 (2 people + Motorhome).

Municipal Camping, Camarones (S44 48.150 W65 42.290, 5m)

Hot Showers, toilets, water, small shop with frozen meat and fish on site. Covered cooking area with grills. Water. Electricity. Not many of the sites are that flat but there are flat areas. AR$25 per person and AR$25 per vehicle.

Volunteer Bomberos Camping, Gaiman (S43 17.445 W65 29.259, 11m)

Small campground next to firestation and river. 5 minutes walk from centre of town. Picnic tables and electricity. Hot showers and toilets in need of TLC. AR$50 per night.

Beach Car Park, Puerto Piramides (S42 34.585 W64 16.609, 1m)

Car Park just above beach. Designated as a motorhome camping area. No Facilities. There are free municipal toilets (open 8.30am – 6.30pm) across from the Tourist information office, a 10 minute walk from the camping, on the other side of the beach.  Free.

Argentinian Lake District

ACA Motel Car Park, Los Altares (S43 53.038 W68 24.678, 248m)

Large dirt parking lot at back of petrol station. Toilets and small shop in petrol station.  Free.

Camping Nahuel-Pan, Esquel (S42 54.533 W71 17.307, 597m)

Nice small campground on grass.  Hot water, showers, toilets, power, picnic tables and grills. WIFI.  AR$40 per person + AR$40 for vehicle.

Las Rocas, Alerce National Park (S42 53.111 W71 36.138, 512m)

Small camping area on the lakeshore with trees for protection from the wind. No Facilities. Free.

Puerto Canero , Alerce National Park (S42 36.419 W71 38.713, 519m)

Down a narrow track which opens up at the bottom.  Small camping area on the lakeshore with some shelter from the wind. Toilets block closed when we were there but toilets were available at the ranger station 5 minutes walk away. Free.

Camping de la Cerveceria, El Bolson (S41 56.608 W71 32.169, 308m)

Excellent campground in the grounds of a restaurant/brewery. About 20minutes walk from town. Hot showers. Toilets. WIFI. Picnic tables and grills. Pay slightly more for camping and get a “free” beer per person per night. AR$105 per night (includes additional AR$15 for electricity).

Camping Petunia, Bariloche (S41 05.760 W71 26. 799, 838m)

Very nice large organised campsite on lake with short path down to the beach. WIFI. Hot Showers and toilets. Water and electricity. Picnic tables and Grills.  20 minute bus ride into town. AR$105 per night.

Lago Villarino, Nahuel-Huapi National Park (S40 26.761 W71 32.650, 916m)

Camping by lake/river between two lakes. Very pretty with some shelter from wind though this was easier for smaller vehicles. No Facilities. Free.

ACA Camping, San Martin de Los Andes (S40 09.170 W71 19.937, 621m)

Large campsite with good Wifi (actually decent speed), hot showers, toilets , grills and picnic tables. Try to set up camp on the side by the river away from the busy road as it is much quieter.   Short walk into town. AR$90 per night.

Piedra Mala Camping, Lago Huechulafquen (S39 43.400 W71 31.533, 895m)

Beautiful Campsite on the lakeshore with views of Lanin Volcano.  Hot showers and toiletsPicnic tables and grills.  Nice walk from here to Cascada El Saltillo (4km there and back), take the walking trail rather than the road.  Apparently AR$35 per person although we paid nothing as we tried to pay but couldn’t find anyone !

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