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Parque Nacional El Palmar

April 17, 2013
Moonrise in El Palmar

Moonrise in El Palmar

At the end of a day’s drive from Buenos Aires we reached Parque National El Palmar. This park consists of the original flora of the area before man’s clearance for agricultural purposes.

Palms in El Palmar

On the road into the park we saw our first Capybara, the largest rodent in the world, just grazing on the verge.

Capybara 2

The road ends at the Rio Uruguay which is the boundary between Argentina and Uruguay. There is a really good campground here. The campground has many fenced off areas which surround the holes of Vizcacha. As dark falls the vizcacha would come out of their holes and snuffle around the truck.


Near the campground is a great viewpoint over the river where capybara liked to hang out in the evening.


We explored some of the roads in the park (there are only a couple) but they were a bit small for us and didn’t really lead anywhere too exciting.

El Palmar roads

However we did find a nice walking trail down the river which passed by some ruins and accessed a small but gravelly beach.


El Palmar was the perfect place to relax in warm weather with relatively cool nights after our hectic visit to Buenos Aires.

Vizcacha 2

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