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Iguacu: Brasil

April 24, 2013

waterfalls from brasilian side

Once in Brasil we headed straight to Camping International which to our surprise had a number of large American style RV’s in residence. This was a much better place to stay than anything we had found in Argentina and even had a swimming pool.

Brasilian iguazu

In the morning we headed off to the Brasilian side of the falls which is much smaller than the Argentinian side and took us only 2 hours to visit all the attractions. It is also much cheaper which was appreciated.

Brasilian side view

The entrance to the national park is some way from the boardwalks and this necessitates a short bus ride which is included in the ticket price. Then there is a boardwalk which hugs the cliff with small viewing platforms every few hundred metres.

Brasil side views

The viewing platforms are very small and can easily be overwhelmed so it is important to try to get inbetween the large tour groups to get them as empty as possible. However there were not too many people on this side and certainly much less than on the Argentinian side.

edge of the devil's throat

The best bit of the Brasilian side of the falls comes at the end of the cliff side boardwalk where a long lone boardwalk heads out across the river in the shadow of a long waterfall into the mouth of the Canyon of the Garganta del Diablo. Here the spray and thundering of the waterfalls is awe inspiring and the view up the canyon is beautiful.

Devil's throat from Brazil

After enjoying the Brasilian side of the falls we visited Parque das Aves which is just outside the entrance to the National Park. This is a bird park with lots of stunning parrots, toucans and other local birds.

Sarah with bird on her arm

There are a number of walkthrough cages here that allow you to get up close and personal with the birds. Sarah got very close to one parrot that landed on her head and started to peck at the clip in her hair. Fortunately one of the park workers saw this and rushed to her aid.

Sarah with Close Encounter

The Brasil side of Iguacu gives much more of a panoramic view of the falls despite being smaller. The final boardwalk into the middle of the canyon is also very spectacular and puts you in the middle of the fury of the falls. All this coupled with the lower number of visitors made this side my favourite. However this is not to take away from the Argentinian side which is magnificent in its own way – just with a lot more people.

small toucan


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  1. April 24, 2013 7:35 pm

    Mark and Sarah, really enjoying your blog, particularly now as you are covering ground we did in 2003/2004. I’m glad that the Brazillian border people now speak English! We had enormous fun when we made that crossing. At least now, all the borders speak English as we are traveling through Africa in one of Ed’s trucks. Happy travels.
    Mike & Liz

  2. April 25, 2013 6:14 pm

    We have been following your Adventures since your first blog….being Overlanders ourselves……having travelled from Cape Town back to the U.K. and then shipped our R/Rover out to Australia for year. We have both looked forward to each new entry you’ve made …….that much so that its started the Wonder Lust in us again… to that end we delivered our L/Rover to the Shippers last Monday and fly out to Halifax on the 2nd May…….to follow in your footsteps.
    If you see a white L/Rover called MLINZI……stop and I will buy the beer.

    Our web address is:-

    Keep Safe

    Steve and Wendy

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