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Les Pionniers: Ice Hockey

November 5, 2022

Les Pionniers are Chamonix’s professional ice hockey team which compete in France’s top league, Ligue Magnus.

They play at their central Chamonix home  –  Centre Sportif Richard Bozon – which is just off  Place du Mont Blanc and during our time here we have watched a couple of matches despite knowing very little about the game!

Both nights were enormous fun with a real party atmosphere.  The bar is open throughout the game, with music and drumming at critical moments and some slapstick family entertainment between each of the periods.  I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is visiting Chamonix whether you follow Ice Hockey or not.

Chamonix have a long history of Ice Hockey and have been league winners on many occasions, however recent years have been more difficult and they have not been champions since they won their 30th crown in 1979.

While we’ve been having great fun watching the matches I doubt the same could be said of the players as the  2022/2023 season hasn’t got off to the best of starts for them.  We hope their luck improves and for anyone travelling to the area who is interested, the calendar of games can be viewed and tickets purchased online at

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