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Truck Driving…Here I Come..Well Almost

March 2, 2011

I’ve just got my provisional licence for C class trucks. That’s only seven days after putting my application in the post – pretty good efficiency from the DVLA. So you’d think I could go out and learn to drive now. But NO – two more hurdles to get through. I’ve got to pass a Theory Test and a Hazard Perception test before I can do that. The DVLA lets you book these online which is great – but massive downside is that you can’t do the two together. I did them both one after the other in the same sitting when I did my car tests so maybe its different for LGV. Anyway I now have two days in the diary over the next two weeks where I’m going to have to trek over to Southwark (it was either there or Kingston from this neck of the woods). Crossed fingers that this is pretty easy and just a formality – but I’d better have a look at the book and do a bit of studying.

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