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Checking Up On The Beast

March 5, 2011

Today we drove up to Suffolk again to check up on our truck and the works being done to it. The real reason for the trip was to deliver some things up to Ed (Overland Vehicles) for installation. The most important being a stereo so we can have some tunes on the road. Most of the camper systems are in now and the cabin is beginning to look much more homely. Nothing is yet ready to try yet which was a bit disappointing. However we can really get a feel for what its going to be like to live in the camper for 18 months now.

I know I’m going to have to control my messiness though or we could be looking at a divorce !

The Cab hasn’t been touched yet and that’s the next area on the agenda. But we are only about two weeks away from being ready to paint and probably five weeks away from it being fully finished.

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