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Hazard Cleared

March 11, 2011

The first part of the theory test for the LGV licence is the Hazard test. I successfully negotiated my way around this with a score of 82 out of 100. Not brilliant but I lost concentration on one of the clips, that happened to be worth 10 points, and only scored 2. So the rest went pretty well.

The whole process was pretty weird. I turned up at the test centre in Southwark (well its London Bridge really) and there were various teenagers milling around – they have to do a theory test to get a car licence too. After checking in at the reception desk I was told to place my coat, bag and phone (turned off) in a locker. Then to my surprise I was also told to take my watch off and put it in the locker too – Not sure why this is – maybe they just want you to be totally unaware of how long you are waiting around !

Anyway was told to wait for a couple of minutes and then was called through and my identity was checked again – no chance to check in as one person and then for someone else to sit the test. I was also told at this stage that once in the test room there was to be no removing of clothes. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t tend to react to tests by getting naked – so what on earth are they trying to prevent you doing here ?

Once in the room you sit down at a computer and put some headphones on. Then its 25-30 minutes of watching clips of driving and clicking when you think there is a hazard.

After it’s all over you go outside, pick up your stuff, go to the front desk and they hand you a folded piece of paper which, in my case anyway, said “congratulations you have passed”.

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