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A Quick Blast of Theory

March 15, 2011

 I had my second visit to London Bridge today to complete the multiple choice Theory Test for my LGV licence today. The process was very similar to last week except the centre was a bit busier as it was lunchtime.

The test is pretty straightforward – 100 questions with over an hour to do them. The time really isn’t a problem and I knocked them over in around 15 minutes. The pass mark is 85 out of 100 but I managed to get them all right so easily passed.

 The computers that you sit out to take the test look just look those in this picture, although there are also headphones attached which you can use to help block out external noise. 

That’s the next step down and my practical lessons start next week.

My advice for this test is to get the “Official Theory Test for Drivers of Large Vehicles 2008/9 Edition” which is the latest. This has all the possible questions in it and if you run through this a couple of times then you will be ready for the test.

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