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Slow Progress

April 6, 2011

There’s a long list of things to do when going on a trip like this.

The good news is two-fold today: I finally got my driving licence back – I’m now a fully fledged truck driver (well until I turn 45 anyway when I’ll have to have another medical). The other big news today is that Sarah passed her LGV theory test with 100%. She’s a bit behind me but on her way now too.

However there is some bad news too. The Beast is delayed in the paint shop and looks like it won’t be ready until early May. We were hoping to get away in it at the end of April (and skip the hooplah about the royal wedding). Hopefully there won’t be anymore delays or things will get a bit tight and we do really want a couple of nights testing before we go.

We haven’t got very far with arranging shipping because the schedules for June aren’t released yet. They should be published soon though.

We just need to push on with all the tasks we’ve got to do and count them off one at a time.

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