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Playa Grande

March 25, 2012

In Between our visits to Rincon de la Vieja we headed down to the coast on the Nicoya Peninsular.  Our first port of call was Playa del Coco but although this is the most famous beach it’s a bit dirty, crowded and the beach itself isn’t very nice. We decided to head down the coast to Playa Grande.

When we got here we were not disappointed. We were greeted by a wide beach with golden sand stretching as far as the eye could see. This was coupled with a great place to camp right next to the beach and not many people. Well we settled in for a couple of days.

Playa Grande is  a beach famous for its nesting turtles – however we had just missed the season and there were no turtles laying at this time.


While in the area we visited a couple of other beaches – one at Tamarindo, which is small surfer town but a bit busy and Americanised and another called Avellana which just wasn’t that nice a beach.

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  1. mervcolton permalink
    March 26, 2012 3:12 pm

    We are in beach mode ourselves! I think yours look nicer though!

  2. Tom permalink
    April 12, 2012 8:48 pm

    Hello Mark and Sarah,

    Tom (irish) met you in Capital Reef last Autumn on your swing through the SW USA.

    Thanks for the blog and your colorful updates. Glad to see that your travels seem to be going very well. If you were to go back and start this trip again what would you change and would you pack any differently. I quite often find that I have some stuff that I don’t use and should never have bothered with.

    Have you found that the longer your trip goes the less attention you pay to how far and fast you have travelled? “it’s about the journey not the destination”?

    Stay safe!



    • April 15, 2012 12:59 am

      Hi Tom,

      Utah seems like a long time ago to us. We’ve just got to South America so we are literally a continent away. Are you still on the road or have you settled down yet ?

      If we knew everything we knew now there are a few things we would change. If we had two more solar panels on the roof we could camp indefinitely so that would be cool. In terms of the stuff we have brought I think we’d have packed more Tshirts so we could go longer between washes in hot weather. I can’t really think of too much that we wouldn’t have brought that we did because we packed pretty light and bought things on the go.

      We have a date for a trip to the Galapagos in May so we’ve had to go a bit quicker than we’d have liked up to now but we’re looking forward to slowing down a bit after we’ve been. The route has been pretty different than we expected and we’ve been to a lot of places we didn’t know about before we started. The best bits are definitely the most unexpected.

      Mark & Sarah

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