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Oh Buga !

May 20, 2012

Heading South from Cocora to Popayan we stopped off at Armenia to visit a big shopping centre. The interesting thing here was that in the middle of the food court a church service was being held with a big attendance – the food court was full and people were watching from the balconies of every floor of the shopping centre.

We continued heading South and reached a convenient stop off for the night at a Regional Park called El Vinculo just South of a town called Buga. Here we drove up a narrow road, with many overhanging trees – which had to be pushed over the top of the Beast. At the top we found a mirador with a flat space under some shading trees to park for the night. The view across the valley was lovely.

However soon after we arrived it started to rain and kept raining all night and into the morning. When we woke the grassy area we were in was boggy mud and the dirt road back to the highway was slick and running with water.

The Beast made easy work of the boggy mud area and we started down the steep and windy entrance road. I was again moving trees over the Beast and all was fine until we hit a really tight corner. We started round and discovered we couldn’t  make it round in one. Sarah put the truck in reverse and then the wheels spun and we slid forward – the brakes were slammed on and we were stuck on slick mud.


Ok we were prepared for this – out came our sand ladders to provide traction, we moved some rocks to improve the surface, spread our cat litter on the wheels and behind to improve traction and turned on the diff lock. This time the Beast shot backwards and gave us the space we needed to make the turn – Phew. I think we’re getting a bit better at this ! Its only the second time we’ve been stuck though – both times on slick wet mud on a steep slope. This is when being 8 tonnes is a serious disadvantage.

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