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Riding Mountain National Park

July 11, 2011

We have spent two nights at Riding Mountain National Park. This park is a mix between forest and plains. The highlights of our time here has been seeing the herd of bison and spotting another bear on one of the trails.

We have been camping at a place called Lake Audy right on the banks of the lake. The nicest part of our time in the park has been the early evenings when it has been really warm and the number of insects seems to die down a bit. We’ve had a barbecue both nights and we also built a fire which has been nice.

We did have our first encounter with one of the nastier little beasties in the Park. On returning from a morning of cycling/hiking we discovered that Sarah had picked up two ticks – well we dealt with these but it was a bit horrible – fortunately we spotted them before they had time to really embed themselves.

The other misfortune that hit us was that one of the pedals fell off my bicycle. The threads are completely worn through so its not fixable without new cranks. The good news was that it happened only about 3k away from the campsite so it wasn’t too bad to get back with a mixture of free-wheeling downhill and walking the bike.

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