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Chile to Argentina at Chile Chico

January 24, 2013

These border crossings seem to be getting easier ! This one was simplicity in itself.

Chile Side of Chile Chico Boder

First we arrived at the Chilean side of the border where we had to enter a building, after parking to the right just in front.

There were two desks – the first was for passports (and a check of your Vehicle TIP) and the second was for customs and the guy took the vehicle TIP. That was it. There were good toilets here as well.

Inside Chile Border post

The Argentinian side of the border is 7km away on a good paved road and is definitely less grand than the Chilean side but the processes are no more onerous.

Argentina Border Post

We parked in a small parking area to the right before the border station and went inside. Again there were two desks. We first went to the migracion where our passports were stamped and we were given a tourist card. We had filled in the first part of the tourist card while we were in the queue.

The second desk was customs and the friendly lady took my passport and registration to process our Temporary Import document. It only took a couple of minutes until we were done.  We got 8 months import for the truck.

Argentinian Banned Imports

There were a couple of people doing checks on vehicles for food etc however we drove through and weren’t asked to pull over.

And that was it we were in Argentina again.


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