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April 10, 2013

We didn’t want to drive right into the centre of Buenos Aires with The Beast and fortunately found out that there was a campsite in the suburb of Tigre. Tigre is to the North of the city and is surrounded by a delta which provides a maze of rivers. It is where the Portenos (BA residents) go at the weekend to get out of the city.

Tigre boat club

Driving to the campsite we turned down the road our GPS was telling us it was on. The road turned to dirt and we could see a river at the end. We were pretty sceptical that a campsite existed. However we got to the end and after shouting through a locked gate the retired couple, Beatriz & Angel, came out and opened up for us.

Tigre Building2

The small campsite is right on the river and has its own dock where river taxis and launches can dock making it very convenient for travel. In fact Beatriz explained that there was a commuter boat once a day (excluding weekends) that went straight to BA from the dock at the campsite.

Boat approaching L'HIrondelle Dock

Boat approaching L’HIrondelle Dock

L’Hirondelle, the campsite, has a lovely setting but is a little rundown. It would be absolutely beautiful with some work as the location is superb. Beatriz however is a wonderful hostess and couldn’t have been more helpful or friendly.

Lancha at Tigre

Lancha at Tigre

On the way back from Buenos Aires we couldn’t take the boat as we returned at the weekend, however there is a straight train connection to Tigre and then a local Lancha on the river goes to the campsite dock upon request.  The last boat was at 6.30pm and we were getting a little nervous when by 6.50pm it either hadn’t arrived or we were waiting in the wrong place and it had been and gone.  It was starting to get dark and we were worried about seeing the right pier at night.  As we were debating whether or not to jump in a taxi and take the conventional route back to the campsite, the Lancha finally turned up at 7pm and at the mention of L’Hirondelle we got a knowing nod from the boat driver and started to relax and enjoy the ride

Tigre itself is a very pretty suburb and well worth exploring in it’s own right, not just using as a launching pad for Buenos Aires.

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