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Hooking Up

July 8, 2011

Before getting to Winnipeg we passed over the Continental Divide. From this point forward all rivers will be running into the Arctic rather than the Atlantic. Pretty exciting and shows that we are getting there in a trip across Canada to get to Alaska.

When we got to Winnipeg around lunchtime we had had just enough of driving so thought we should take care of some chores.

On the way in we passed an RV service centre so thought this was the ideal place to check in and see if we could work out our hookup issues.

A chap named Scott was incredibly helpful and we worked through all the combinations that we could until working out exactly how to hook up to electric over here. Turns out that we can’t cope with a 30 Amp supply and only one of our input sockets works. But with 15 Amps we are good to go. Now we will just have to check it out for real somewhere. The really good news was that I had managed to wire the lead correctly so it wasn’t just me being a numpty.

So thanks very much Scott from Leisuredays RV for taking some time out to help us.

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  1. Darren permalink
    July 8, 2011 10:59 pm

    Bloody hell, Mark, you’ve let yourself go! That didn’t take long 😉

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